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First Call Pregnancy Center COVID-19 Response

Medical Services Remain Available

At this time, First Call Pregnancy Center is remaining open for Medical Services such as pregnancy testing on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Ultrasounds are scheduled by appointment every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month.  We are making efforts to minimize exposure and reduce transmission of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to our clients and staff. We are asking screening questions and taking temperatures prior to appointments to identify those who are at risk of COVID-19.

Support Services

Support Services are now being scheduled following state COVID-19 guidelines. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we are asking everyone who comes to the center to complete a Coronavirus Screening Form. You may be asked to put on a face mask which we can provide for you. If you prefer not to wear a mask, we kindly request that you complete your form outdoors and remain outside or in your vehicle, for the health and safety of others. Once you've completed the form, call us at 706-453-1908 to speak with the receptionist. If it is not possible for you to remain outdoors, you will be asked to please stand or sit 6 feet away from the receptionist and from other people in the waiting room.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this process.

Unplanned Pregnancy Can Feel Overwhelming

Am I ready to be a mother? How will I finish school? Can I support a baby and raise a child? What should I do? These are big and difficult questions, but you are not alone. We are here to give you hope. First Call Pregnancy Center offers free resources, medical testing, emotional support and judgement-free guidance through the many choices ahead.


Free classes to guide you through pregnancy and equip you to be a parent.


Whether you need supplies, counseling or referrals, we are here to support you.


Understand all your options and make the right choice for you.

Yes, You Do Have Choices!

If you are pregnant, you have three choices: parenting, adoption, abortion. We are here to help you make the best choice for you. This is one of the biggest decisions a woman will ever make and we are here to support you with FREE testing, guidance and hope!

If you are concerned about how you can afford to stay in school, how to talk with your parents, or any other challenge with an unplanned pregnancy, come to First Call Pregnancy Center. Speak with one of our caring, expert staff members about your choices. We can help you make an informed decision and provide the support services you need.


What Our Clients Are Saying

"There’s no judgement, there’s equality."

“The staff is very attentive and willing to help with any needs.”

"All of the helpful information for new moms was good. They made me feel very comfortable.”

“I feel the love. The staff was very open, compassionate, and understanding.”

“Everyone seemed to genuinely care.”

“I like the baby center, the videos, the staff, and the fact that you have an ultrasound room on hand.”

“The good advice of keeping my child, and the prayer I received that day.”

“The staff was friendly and showed love and support.”

“What I like best about the Center is coming and learning things I didn’t know about and talking to the counselor and getting the help I need.”

“The staff encourages you to have a positive outlook on pregnancy and helps you earn mommy money to buy needed baby items.”

Verify Your Pregnancy

Confirm your pregnancy with a free lab-quality pregnancy test. We can also help you determine the stage of fetal development with a scheduled ultrasound. This information will help inform your choices as you prepare for the next steps in your pregnancy.

Understand Your Options

Meet with a counselor to discuss new-parent support services, adoption resources and abortion methods. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff are here to provide answers and guidance as you navigate the path ahead.

Make a Plan

Develop a plan to move forward with confidence and hope. Sign up for pregnancy and parenting classes, register to earn free supplies and receive referrals for additional services.

Kind, Compassionate Care

Greensboro, GA

First Call has been open since August of 2005 with the intent of helping women in our community. We strive to educate school nurses, doctor’s offices, state agencies, churches, and the general public about how we can help women that find themselves pregnant or parents who would like information on how to take care of their child.