Pregnancy Tests & Ultrasounds

If you do a pregnancy test at home, one thing to be aware of is that a test can be wrong even if it’s positive. The only sure way to confirm a pregnancy is with an ultrasound, which our medical staff can provide.

Free Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy testing is free, fast, confidential and lab quality. Free pregnancy tests are available to all regardless of age, race, religion or national origin.

By coming to First Call, you can receive FREE pregnancy testing, confidential results, and trained personnel to help you with your choices.

  • Confidential
  • No charge
  • Medical quality
  • Available to all regardless of age, race, religion or national origin.

Free Limited Ultrasound

Ultrasound is confirmation of pregnancy and determines how long you’ve been pregnant, if your pregnancy is safe and located in your uterus and if your pregnancy is viable.

Ultrasounds require an appointment and are scheduled for every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. To qualify you must be a current client who has attended at least 2 classes and 7 to 20 weeks pregnant.

Earn While You Learn

We offer prenatal and parenting classes to those who decide to continue their pregnancy where moms learn about what to expect during pregnancy, taking care of themselves and preparing for the newborn. These classes are offered and participants receive “Mommy Money” allowing them to shop in our Baby Boutique, which has everything from diapers and formula to pack’n’plays.

Earn While You Learn is a program designed to reward learning by earning points to purchase items in The Baby Boutique. The program can help you pay for pregnancy related expenses, including baby supplies.

With your Mommy Money, you can choose what your baby needs. Choose from formula, diapers, baby food, baby clothes and maternity clothing. We even carry baby furniture, baby swings, strollers, car seats and more.


Free Classes

First Call Pregnancy Center is here to help with all of those questions that you may have when you begin to think about being a parent.

All pregnancy classes are free and led by a nurse on staff. Classes offered include Labor and Delivery, Newborn Care and Breastfeeding.

Parenting Mentors

The program is simple: We have videos and resources to help you understand the pregnancy months, and what to expect when the baby arrives. A parenting mentor will assist you with a plan that meets your specific needs and your situation. You will enjoy learning about the baby and pregnancy. It will help you prepare you for the big day!

Dawn Clifton - BabyBoutique2

Baby Boutique

Earn free diapers, wipes, baby clothes, furniture, and other baby items. Here's a sample of what we can offer:

  • Baby Clothes
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Sleepers
  • Onesies
  • Blankets
  • Bottles
  • High Chairs
  • Bassinets
  • Pack-n-Plays
  • Tubs
  • Bouncers
  • Changing Tables
  • And MUCH MORE!

Post Abortion Recovery Class

These confidential classes promote healing for those who have had an abortion in the past. This is a video Bible study, facilitated by a trained leader. Millions of women hold this secret deep inside, and some are suffering severe consequences. This study allows women to connect with other women who have experienced an abortion themselves or with a family member.

Surrendering the Secret Bible study is a ministry of First Call Pregnancy Center. Contact our Certified Study Leader at


Fatherhood Program

If you are a young man expecting a child you weren’t planning on, there are a wave of questions and emotions you are more than likely experiencing. A top priority for any man in this situation must be the health, emotions and well-being of your partner. She will have the same questions and fears that you do. She will need you to be there for her.

First Call Pregnancy Center is here to help with a program led by men for dads. Our staff is trained to answer questions and help guide you while making tough decisions.

Group or individual mentoring available.

Car Seat Safety Class

Always buckle up! Child restraints and safety belts save lives. According to the Georgia Child Passenger Safety Law (Code 40-876), children under age 8 must be properly secured in an approved car seat or booster seat while riding in passenger automobiles, vans, and pickup trucks.

The car seat or booster seat must be in the rear seat, appropriate for the child’s weight and height, meet all U.S. Federal standards and be installed and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Free Car Seat or Booster Seat

Earn a FREE* car seat or booster seat when attending one car seat safety class! Contact us today for a list of upcoming classes.

*To qualify for a free car/booster seat you must have Medicaid, Peach Care, and/or WIC.

Transportation Assistance

If you live in Greene County and are need of transportation for your visit, we can help. Just call us for assistance.

Mommy Group & Summer Enrichment

Mommy Group is a Biblical based parenting program for new or second-time mommies offered during the school year. Summer Enrichment is offered during the summer school break.


Student Support

If you are a young woman who is still in school, we know how life-changing an unplanned pregnancy can be. You have options that are available to you!

Students don’t have a lot of extra money, which is why we provide free pregnancy testing and other services for students.

Resources for Students:

  • Free Pregnancy Testing
  • Fast, no-wait service
  • Confidential results
  • Earn While You Learn program
  • Assistance with pregnancy related expenses

We know that your education is important, we want you to finish school. We’ll help you work through the challenges of an unexpected pregnancy. At First Call, you will find information on parenting, adoption, and abortion to help you determine the right choice for you.

First Call Pregnancy Center is here to help you make those big decisions. By coming to First Call, you can receive FREE pregnancy testing, confidential results, and trained personnel to help you with your choices.

In addition to free pregnancy testing, First Call Pregnancy Center’s exclusive Earn While You Learn program can help you pay for pregnancy related expenses, including baby supplies.

If you are concerned about how you can afford to stay in school, how to talk with your parents, or any other challenge with an unplanned pregnancy, come to First Call Pregnancy Center and speak with one of our caring, expert staff members about your choices. We can help you make an informed decision and provide support services.